Kitten Pricing Info


We are currently concentrating our efforts at this time in breeding only the traditional brown spotted Bengal which is the most popular breed colour. Our focus is to provide stunning rosetted kittens. These kittens will have a background colour ranging from a very light cream , including pale blond, warm honey blonds, brassy golds with sleek highly glittered coats and dramatic contrast rosetting providing the exotic looks of a mini leopard to create a stunning Bengal.
Premium quality pet pricing begins at $1200. – $2000
Show/breeder pricing begins at $3500. – $5000.
*Shipping expense additional
*Our kittens are evaluated individually and priced based on the bengal breed standard.


Pet kittens will be 3 months of age and spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and include a certificate of health and Tica registration papers before going to their forever homes.
Our breeding cats were extensively researched and our pedigrees include bloodlines from the top catteries around the world.
These bloodlines have been very influential in improving the breed standard and taking it to a higher level by producing cutting edge bengals with extreme contrast, sleek coats with tons of glitter, covered with dramatic 2 tone rosetting on clear background colours, including beautiful head type and body.
Breeder/Show kittens are available to selective established catteries. World wide shipping is available.
If you are interested in a show/breeder quality kitten , please send us an email.